4 Unique Ways Insurance Agents Can Increase Their Book of Business

Independent insurance agents face a challenging business environment. More and more insurance business has moved to the internet, eliminating personal interaction. Worse, many insurance carriers advertise directly to the consumer, bypassing the agent in favor of direct interactions.

But it’s not all bad news: 67 percent of people prefer to work with an agent, and there are still plenty of unique ways to build your book of business. Here are four tips to get you started.

Use Facebook Live to Build Your Brand

You might be frustrated by the uncanny ability the internet and social media have for attracting customers, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t go online and win business for yourself. Using Facebook Live is a great way to build the know-like-and-trust factor that is so essential to getting new business.

Facebook Live is simple to use. If you use your personal Facebook account for your business, you can do it from your normal timeline. Find the box where you would normally

enter a new status and click Live Video instead. A window will open that allows you to choose your video and audio inputs and title your new video. Then use your phone or computer to record the video.

You can also broadcast a Facebook Live video from your business page. Just visit the page and select the Live Video option from where you would enter a new post for your page.

From there, the steps are the same as above.

Being active on Facebook Live also allows you more interaction with your clients. You can use it to build loyalty — something that’s hard to do even the old-fashioned way, when you only speak to customers once or twice a year.

Chatbots Can Answer Basic Questions

The key to closing an insurance sale is making the product easy to understand. Folks enjoy doing research online, so meet them there — with chatbots!

Chatbots allow you to use Facebook’s Messenger app to communicate with people anytime, day or night. You can easily build a customized bot for your business with simple tools such as Chatfuel and ManyChat.

You can use the bot for a variety of marketing purposes, including building your list, answering questions and encouraging people to visit your website. Ultimately, it can connect them to you for a live conversation.

Have a Community Page on Your Website

One of the most important keys to great SEO is having regular, high-quality, fresh content.

The trouble here is that few people want to read about insurance, and you might not want to write about it, either.

Skip the regular blog route and create a community page instead. It’s surprisingly difficult

for members in your area to find answers to questions like:

  • Where are the best holiday lights displays?
  • What’s being built on the corner of 1st and Main?
  • Which local schools and organizations have plays this fall?
  • When are the fairs and festivals in this area?

If you have a blog that functions as a community information page, you can share information people really care about, build loyalty, attract new visitors and give previous visitors a reason to visit your site regularly.

Work With Carriers Who Value You

There’s no need to waste time with competing carriers. Instead, connect with carriers like Commonwealth Casualty Company.

We help agents with brand marketing and direct interested prospects to our qualified partnered agencies — like yours!

Stop making your business vulnerable to those you work with — choose carriers who care today.

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